REPEAT, Little Berlin, 2013

REPEAT was an exhibition that I curated at Little Berlin in April of 2013. All of the work in the show consists of appropriated content, downloaded from the internet, and re-produced into physical objects. The work explores a range of copyrighted and open source material; all of which is borrowed without the prior knowledge or consent of the original creators. The purpose the exhibition is to question the legal and ethical implications of re-using readily available, unaltered digital information. REPEAT seeks to understand perceptions of ownership and value, when digital material is re-created into unique physical objects, and re-contextualized within a gallery setting.

Acknowledgements to co-curators, and facilitators: Jason Hsu, Lee Tusman, Tyler Kline, Dave Kyu, Johnny Benson, Nicole Killian, Joel Evey, Mark Corey, Alec Ricciuti, and the Internet at large.

Selected work:

Installation view

Berretta Frame, 3d print

Horse_ebooks segment, 1.94" x 96" print on satin paper, 24" x 96" print on satin paper